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   The red-hot Chicago Fire Reserves kept up their sizzling pace, racing pas the New Hampshire Phantoms 5-1. Chicago dominated the flow of the match early on, playing much of the match in the Phantoms half, leading to Julian Nash scoring two goals in the span of ten minutes. The Phantoms didn't help themselves 9 minutes into the second half, as Brian Cullan tried to block a shot, and the ball deflected off his shin and over the head of goalkeeper Mustapha Achab, in for regular goalkeeper Kyle Singer, who was up with the New England Revolution. Cameron Knowles scored off of a  Thabiso Khumalo cross, and Khumalo added one of his own to put Chicago up 5-0. Richard Flemming then scored the Phantoms lone goal at the 84th miunute, scoring off a rebound from the right post.

Reports - The Union Leader

June 15, 2004
Southern New Hampshire University - Manchester, N.H.

Chicago Fire Reserves 5       New Hampshire Phantoms  1

Julian Nash          27'      Richard Fleming        84'
Julian Nash          37'
Own goal (B. Curran) 54'
Cameron Knowles      77'
Thabiso Khumalo      80'


Chicago Fire Reserves         New Hampshire Phantoms

Brad Guzan (GK)               Mustapha Achab (GK)

Cameron Knowles               Sean Carey

Brandon Moss                   -Mike Cabral 59'

Dasan Robinson                Brandon Curran

Drew Moor                     Jason Karalexis

Alexander Odwell              Dave Evans

 -Nicholas Pollard 64'        Ryan Ackerman

Daniel O’Rourke                -Val Teixeira 80'

Jedidiah Zayner               Manny Brito

 -James Klatter 79'            -Keiron O’Brien 63'

Julian Nash                   Robby Vanrykel

Thabiso Khumalo                -Mike Santangelo 59'

 -Jason Acres 82'             Mark Manganello

Christopher Rolfe             Rich Fleming

 -Nowaf Jaman 73'             Bjorn Hansen


Jebidiah Zayner       68'     Robby Vanrykel         24'
Daniel O’Rourke       72'
     Jason Karalexis        29'
Thabiso Khumalo       72'
     Bjorn Hansen           75'

Stats Summary
     CHI  NH
Shots              10  10
Saves               5   4
Corners             8   0
Fouls              13  15
Offside             4   0


Match Officials:
Referee-Gus St. Silva
AR1-Rick Eddy   AR2-Vic Matheson
4th Official-Eric Forest

Att - 315

   The PSL Utah Blitzz turned back the challenge of sole USASA survivor Sacramento Knights, defeating them 3-0. Richie Breza scored the opening goal off of a free kick from Matt Evens just outside the penalty area. BJ McNichol then scored off another free kick, just 4 minutes after he entered the game. Fadi Afash then added some flair to the scoring, chalking one up with a bycicle kick right before halftime to dispose of the challengers from the MPSL.

Reports - Salt Lake Tribune

June 15, 2004
Rice-Eccles Stadium - Salt Lake City, Utah

Sacramento Knights    0       Utah Blitzz             3

                              Richard Breza           9'
                              B.J. McNicol           37'
                              Fadi Afrash            45'



Sacramento Knights           Utah Blitzz

Nic Platter (GK)             Chad Sackett (GK)

Dario Cordova                Damian Munoz

Iain Fraser                  William Cummins

 -David Fraser 46'           Tommy Rutter

Jorge Lama                   Richard Breza

Eliseo Lopez                 Jorge Estrada

Levi Henson                  Jacobi Goodfellow

Osvaldo Perez                Matt Evans

Ryan Rhodes                   -B.J. McNicol 33'

 -Scott Lucky 46'            Fadi Afash

Ricky Rodriguez              Alejandro Gutierrez

 -Vincent Matteoli 29'        -John Cairel 46'

Anthony Chinienti             -Chad Gilbert 72'

Jeremy Frazelle              Shawn Cassella

 -Patrick Nelle 46'           -Matt Breadhead 60'


Ryan Rhodes          44'      Alejandro Gutierrez    22'
Levi Henson          79'


Stats Summary     SAC  UT
Shots              6   18
Saves              4    3
Corners            5    2
Fouls             18   19
Offside            3    5

Referee-Carlos Palomino
AR1-Raul Romero  AR2-Randy Pluerger
4th Official-Gunther Haidenthaller
Att - n/a

   The Carolina Dynamo won the battle of former A-League clubs, 4-2, in their 2nd round US Open Cup clash. The Eagles started out fast though, getting 2 quick goals from Jacob Coggins, one of the top scorers in the PSL this season. Coggins first goal was an uncontested shot from 10 yards out, and the second came as the result of a low crossing pass from Jason Hotchkin. The Dynamo then kicked into gear, never to look back. Justin Moose beat Eagles goalkeeper Eric Pattison with a shot from the top of he box to move Carolina to within one. The score was then leveled in the 32rd minute when Tim Merrit took advantage of a defensive breakdown to notch the tying goal, and Stephen Moore put another shot home 5 minutes later to give Carolina the lead for good. Marcus Storey put the came out of reach for the Eagles with a 57th minute goal.

Reports -

June 15, 2004
Macpherson Stadium - Browns Summit, N.C.

Charlotte Eagles      2       Carolina Dynamo         4

Jacob Coggins         4'      Justin Moose           13'
Jacob Coggins        11'      Tim Merrit             32'
                              Stephen Rhyne          37'
                              Marcus Storey          57'



Charlotte Eagles              Carolina Dynamo

Eric Pattison (GK)            Brian Edwards (GK)

Kevin O’Brien                 Reggie Koranteng

 -Ishmael Mintah 46'          Tim Merritt

Ben Meek                      Michael Farrell

Nate Watkins                  Ray Fumo

Andy Hylton                   Amir Lowery

Josh Rife                     Justin Moose

Chris Lemons                   -Jeffrey Lochrie 77'

 -Jonah Long 46'              James Riley

Jason Hotchkins               Jamal Shteiwi

 -Patrick Daka 63'             -Ryan Caugherty 70'

Erik Ozimek                   Scott Jones

 -Ben Johnson 62'              -Marcus Storey 55'

Dustin Swinehart              Stephen Rhyne

Jacob Coggins                  -Joseph Lazorchick 81'


Nate Watkins         60'

Josh Rife            75'


Stats Summary     CHA CAR
Shots              8  16
Saves              7   3
Corners            6   7
Fouls             15  10
Offside            2   0


Referee-Charles C. Mitchell
AR1-Abbas Prian  AR2-Michael Hill
4th Official-Guy Goodrich

Att - 150

   The Cape Cod Crusaders repeated their efforts from three nights earlier, defeating the Western Mass Pioneers 3-2 in their second round US Open Cup clash. The Crusaders pressured Western Mass right away, forcing two corner kicks in the first seven minutes, but it was the Pioneers who scored first, as Rob Jachym collected the ball as it was tackled away from teammate Emerson Maciel, and put it in for the first goal. The Crusaders quickly recovered eleven minutes later, as Isaac Collings one-timed a shot on goal off of a pass from David Bulow to draw the game even. Jachym struck again for Western Mass, putting a free kick just inside the far post at the 24th minute to put the home site back up, 2-1. Early in the second half, Cape Cod drew even again, when Neil Jones was fouled just inside the penalty area, and David Bulow stepped up and scores from the spot. with 10 minutes left Bulow took advantage of a somewhat confused Pioneers defense, and scored from just outside the box to give the Crusaders a lead they would keep.

Reports -  Cape Cod Times

June 15, 2004
Lusitano Stadium - Ludlow, Mass.
Cape Cod Crusaders    3       Western Mass Pioneers   2

Isaac Collings       19'      Robbie Jachym           8'
David Bulow          54'p     Robbie Jachym          24'
David Bulow          79'



Cape Cod Crusaders            Western mass Pioneers

David Mahony (GK)             Rick Koczak (GK)

Aaron Bonser                  Sean McCabe

Zach Tobin                    Kyle Fletcher

Thunlani Ncube                Anthony Fernandes

Scott Paguta                  Ryan Dinunzio

Shawn Kuykendall              Everson Maciel-Martinelli

Eoin Lynch                    Maurizio Rocha-Villarroel

Kurt Morsink                   -Daniel Dalipi 81'

 -Eric Massey 90'             James Proctor

Neil Jones                     -Daniel Rudolph 62'

David Bulow                   Ryan Levesque

 -Drew McAthy 88'              -Philip Flakes 85'

Isaac Collings                Jeff Deren

 -Edens Chery 72'             Rob Jachym


Neil Jones           17'      E. Maciel-Martinelli   63'
Eoin Lynch           40'
      Ryan Dinunzio          90'


Stats Summary     CC  WM
Shots             18  19
Saves              9   7
Corners            6   4
Fouls             19  21
Offside            0   4

Referee-Claudio Badea
AR1-Niko Bratsis  AR2-Sam Richards
4th Official-Virgil Figueredo

Att - 1,500

    Short two of their top players, the DFW Tornadoes fell to the A-League Virginia Beach Mariners 2-0 at the Sportsplex. With leading goalscorers Lourenzo Andrade out due to a red card suspension, and Jamie Watson with the US U-20 team in South Korea, the Tornados hung on to a 0-0 score in the first half, as the Mariners missed several chances, including a penalty kick. The inconsistent Mariners attack finally broke through right after halftime, with goals from Mark Jonas and Dante Washington, and the Tornadoes could not catch up. Virginia Beach were also without two key players, as Pato Aguliera was training with DC United, and Richard Mahoney stuck in Costa Rica due to visa problems.

Reports - The Virginian-Pilot

June 15, 2004
Virginia Beach SportsPlex - Virginia Beach, Va.
DFW Tornadoes         0      Virginia Beach Mariners  2
Mark Jonas              48'
                             Dante Washington        55'


DFW Tornadoes                Virginia Beach Mariners

Ryszard Gorski (GK)          Matt Pickens (GK)

Ron Plute                    Jeremy Aldrich

Josh Couvillion               -Kevin Knott 80'

Trent Abbott                 Russ Hutchison

 -Leone Cruz 59'              -Tony McManus 66'

Clayton King                 Michael Kirmse

Robert Hammett               Joe Morelli

 -Chad Deering 89'           Jeff Bilyk

Dwayne Bergeron              Jakob Fenger

Vassar Cates                 Daniel Alvarez

Tarik Guendoozi               -Jose Gomez 37'

 -Jared Chandler 59'         Nate Winkel

Mark Rowland                  -Mark Jonas 35'

Casey Madigan                Carlos Garcia

 -Ken Weese 81'              Dante Washington


Ron Plute            50'      Michael Kirmse         26'
Robert Hammett       56'
      Joe Morelli            71'
Leone Cruz           67'

Stats Summary     DFW VAB
Shots              3  18
Saves              2   4
Corners            2   5
Fouls             18  20
Offside            1   8


Match Officials:
Referee-Ben Jones
AR1-Bill Diamar  AR2-Dan Stead
4th Official-Sam Foster
Att - 385

   One of the Cinderella stories of the 2003 Open Cup got their 2004 campaign off in a good way, beating the PDL Cocoa Expos 3-0 at Legion Stadium. The road weary Hammerheads, coming off back to back road matches over the weekend, opened the scoring early when Warren Ukah converted off a pass from Joe McNab in the 5th minute. McNab then added one of his own shortly after, taking a through ball from Tim Karalexis, and scoring on a one-on-one showdown with Expos 'keeper Matt Balkanloo. McNab then assisted on the final goal of the day, passing to Glenn Murray, who slotted the ball home off the right goalpost to secure a third round spot for the Hammerheads.

Reports - Wilmington Star-News

June 15, 2004
Legion Stadium - Wilmington, North Carolina
Cocoa Expos           0       Wilmington Hammerheads  3

                              Warren Ukah             5'
                              Joe McNam              13'
                              Glenn Murray           43'



Cocoa Expos                   Wilmington Hammerheads

Matt Balkanloo (GK)           Kevin Huylebroeck (GK)

Drew Sypura                   Brady Bryant

Derek Smith                   Tim Karalexis

Greg DeVito                   Marc Hubbard

 -Robbie Holstein 72'         Paul Chase

Kenny Fechner                 Kenny Bundy

Dave Atkinson                 Neil McNab

 -Declain McGrory 80'          -Ryan Miller 74'

Itayi Pondwa                  Dan Capecci

Fred Moojen                    -William Rudisill 76'

Robin Chan                    Joe McNab

Jordie Hughes                  -Junior Zarate 60'

 -Rashawn Lamar 46            Glenn Murray

 -Gavin Christie 65'           -Mark Draycott 73'

Kris Glasser                  Warren Ukah


Derek Smith           80'     Joe McNab           58'
                              Mark Draycott       75'
                              Ryan Miller         90'


Stats Summary     CCE WIL
Shots              7  13
Saves              4   5
Corners            3   5
Fouls             11  20
Offside            1   3


Referee-Daniel Burack
AR1-Ken George  AR2-Kim Oberle
4th Official-Taci Curiel

Att - 1,211

    After 75 minutes of wild action, the Syracuse Salty Dogs and South Jersey Barons were forced to abandon their second round US Open Cup match tied at 1-1. After the game was delayed by lightning for 30 minutes early ion the second half, and halted again at the 75'. With the lack of lighting at thw Winslow High Scholl field, the referee was forced to abandon the match, which will now be replayed on June 21. As for the action on the field, it nearly matched the action of the storm clouds above, as two Syracuse players were sent off, leaving the Salty Dogs to play with 9 men.  Goalkeeper Byron Foss was the first to be sent off, after taking down Barons striker Byron Carmichael in the penalty area with a dangerous tackle. Backup goalkeeper Paul Nagy stepped in to face Neil Holloway's penalty, and initially stopped it, but Holloway put the rebound in anyway to draw the game even at 1-1. Syracuse had earlier taken the lead on a goal from Hungarian forward Cjaba Kerekes. The Salty Dogs were reduced to 9 men when Beninto Kimble was given his second yellow card of the match 4 minutes into the second half. Both Kimble and Foss will have to sit out the replay on June 21. After waiting 30 minutes for the lightning to clear, South Jersey went on full attack, looking for the winning goal, but Syracuse packed in their defense and stopped the Barons, until the referee decided the weather conditions were too dangerous to continue the match.

Reports - Syracuse Post-Standard   South Jersey Barons


June 15, 2004
Winslow High School - Tansboro, New Jersey

Syracuse Salty Dogs   1       South Jersey Barons     1
Cjaba Kerekes        22'      Neil Holloway          27'

* Match abandoned after 75 minutes due to lightning and darkness. To be replayed on June 21, 2004



Syracuse Salty Dogs           South Jersey Barons

Byron Foss (GK)               Pat Hannigan (GK)

Benito Kemble                 David Daigle

Tim O’Neill                   Leon Brown

Jason Perry                   John Thompson

Chris Fehrle                  Joe Banks

 -Paul Nagy 29' (GK)          Neil Holloway

Ryan Mack                      -Ruben Mingo 71'

Lars Lyssand                  Brian Devlin

Frankie Sanfilippo            Justin Sadler

Ryan Hall                     Tony Donatelli

 -Rene Rivas 62'              Byron Carmichael

Anthony Maher                 Matt Maher

Cjaba Kerekes         

 -Machel Millwood 46'
Also used: -Ian Woan, 46’


Benito Kemble         9'      Neil Holloway          20'
Byron Foss           26'
Benito Kemble        49'
Benito Kemble        49'


Stats Summary     SSD SJB
Shots             12   9
Saves              8  11
Corners            7   3
Fouls             17  15
Offside            3   4


Referee-Mike Constantine
AR1-Saap Hassam  AR2-Allen Stodt Sr.
4th Official-Kleinstaber

Att - 110

    Despite jumping out to an early lead, the South Jersey Barons could not re-capture the magic of their first encounter, losing to the Syracuse Salty Dogs 4-2 in their second round US Open Cup replay. Neil Holloway gave the PDL club a 1-0 lead after 22 minutes when he took advantage of a poor clearance by Syracuse goalkeeper Paul Nagy, catching him at the top of the penalty area, and lobbing a shot from midfield over his head for a goal. Just minutes later however, the Barons lost their only lead of the match, when Anthony Maher of Syracuse was fouled in the box, and Rene Rivas slotted home the goal opposite of Barons keeper Pat Hannigan. Four minutes later, Ryan Mack put Syracuse on top for good on a quickly taken free kick, putting the ball home at close range. Syracuse got two more goals in the second half, one from Michael Millwood off a rebound from a  shot saved by Hannigan, and another goal from Ryan Mack. Byron Charmicheal snatched back a consolation goal in the 90th minute for the Barons.

Reports - South Jersey Barons

June 21, 2004 - Second Round Replay
Winslow High School - Tansboro, New Jersey

Syracuse Salty Dogs   4       South Jersey Barons     2
Rene Rivas           31'p     Neil Holloway          22'

Ryan Mack            35'      Byron Charmicheal      90'

Michael Millwood     53'

Ryan Mack            67'



Syracuse Salty Dogs           South Jersey Barons

Paul Nagy (GK)                Pat Hannigan (GK)

 -Christian Neagu 69' (GK)    David Daigle

Rene Rivas                     -Chris Williams 67'

Tim O’Neill                   Leon Brown

Chris Fehrle                  John Thompson

Frankie Sanfilippo            Joe Banks

Ian Woan                       -Matt Maher 60'

Lars Lyssand                  Neil Holloway

Ryan Mack                     Brian Devlin

Kupono Low                    Justin Sadler

Machel Millwood                -Dorley Wilson 82'

 -Paul Buckley 80'            Tony Donatelli

Anthony Maher                  -Ryan Heins 73'

                              Byron Carmichael

                              Ruben Mingo


Lars Lyssand         23'      Neil Holloway          62'
Anthony Maher        90'+


Stats Summary     SSD SJB
Shots             12  16
Saves              5   4
Corners            3   4
Fouls             21  18
Offside            3   3

Match Officials:
Referee-Ken Heller
AR1-Saap Hassam   AR2-Allen Stodt Sr.
4th Official-Womwe Grocott
Att - 380

   After driving directly from their previous nights double-overtime match in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Boulder Rapids Reserve defeated the San Diego Gauchos on penalties, after playing 110 minutes of scoreless soccer. Boulder shook off the affect of the seven-hour drive, and took the game to the Gauchos, forcing San Diego goalkeeper Brandon Hedron to make several spectacular saves. Early in the second half, Boulder forward Alex Salazar struck the crossbar with a shot, and Brian Civilikis was denied in extra time by Hedron when Civilikis got behind the Gaucho defense for a shot. In the penalty session, Rapids Reserve goalkeeper Luis Robles stopped the final Gauchos penalty from Herculez Gomez to give Boulder the win, as all 5 of the Reserves players converted their penalties.

Reports - Boulder Daily Camera


June 15, 2004
Pleasant View Field - Boulder, Colorado

San Diego Gauchos     0       Boulder Rapids Reserves 0

            Boulder wins on penalties, 5-4

                  ::Penalty Summary::



San Diego Gauchos             Boulder Rapids Reserve

Brandon Hearron (GK)          Luis Robles (GK) 

Roby Monroe                   Devon McTavish

Kris Larsen                   Aaron PitchKolan

Tim Roty                      Brett Branan

Dustin Hammond                Scott Kincaid

Jorge Macias                  John Pulido

Oscar Rumo                    Josh Simpson

 -Bernardo Lerma              Lance Snodgrass

 -Juan Nunez                   -Brian Cvilikas

Noel Musicha                  Lee Zarzecki

 -Hector Meza                  -Phillip Koshi

Tate Travis                    -Javier Vegas

Herculez Gomez                Liam Girard

Isaias Bardales               Alex Salazar



Kris Larsen          25'      unknown                81'
Isaias Bardales      52'
      Liam Girard            89'


Stats Summary     SDG  BRR
Shots               8   14
Saves               8    3
Corners             8    9
Fouls              12   11
Offside             4    0


Referee-Jose Corre
AR1-Scott McCashin  AR2-Matt Grove
4th Official-Eric Bryan

Att - n/a















As of June 16, 2004

4, Julian Nash, Chicago Fire Reserves


2, David Bulow, Cape Cod Crusaders

2, Pat Ferrell, Carolina Dynamo

2, Marcus Storey, Carolina Dynamo

2, Syeve Rhyne, Carolina Dynamo

2, Jacob Coggins, Charlotte Eagles

2, Cameron Knowles, Chicago Fire Reserves

2, Fred Moojen, Cocoa Expos

2, Byron Charmichael, South Jersey Barons

2, Rob Jachym, Western Mass Pioneers


One Goal

Ryan Kneipper, Azzuri

Juan Sastoque, Azzuri

Jake Pouva, Bavarian SC

Luis Robles, Boulder Rapids Reserve

John Pulido, Boulder Rapids Reserve

John Krause, Cape Cod Crusaders

Scott Palgutta, Cape Cod Crusaders

David Roman, Cape Cod Crusaders

Keith Caldwell, Cape Cod Crusaders

Isaac Collings, Cape Cod Crusaders

Jeff Lockery, Carolina Dynamo

Tim Merrit, Carolina Dynamo

Justin Moose, Carolina Dynamo

Chris Rolfe, Chicago Fire Reserves

Jimmy Klatter, Chicago Fire Reserves

Mutapha Achab, Chicago Fire Reserves

Chris Wondolowski, Chico Rooks

Kris Glasser, Cocoa Expos

Mark Rowland, DFW Tornados

Lourenzo Andrade, DFW Tornados

Ryszard Gorski, DFW Tornados

Paul Grafas, Greek American Atlas

Matt Whiteley, Legends FC

Richard Flemming, New Hampshire Phantoms

Jeremy Field, Sacramento Knights

Chris MacDonald, Sacramento Knights

Marcin Okamus, S.A.C. Wisla

Troy Ready, Spokane Shadow

Ruben Mingo, South Jersey Barons

Matt Maker, South Jersey Barons

Joe Banks, South Jersey Barons

Richard Breza, Utah Blitzz

BJ McNicol, Utah Blitzz

Fadi Afash, Utah Blitzz

Mark Jonas, Virginia Beach Mariners

Dante Washington, Virginia Beach Mariners

Warren Ukah, Wilmington Hammrheads

Meil McNab, Wilmington Hammerheads

Glenn Murray, Wilmington Hammerheads