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First Round - June 2, 2004
St. John's University - Queens, New York
Greek American Atlas 1 4 Cape Cod Crusaders
Paul Grafas 25' 14' John Krause
    60' Scot Palguta
    70' David Bulow
    78' Keith Caldwell

   The defending PDL champion Cape Cod Crusaders disposed of New York City USASA club Greek American Atlas 4-1 at St. John's University.  Cape Cod opened the scoring when forward John Krause put one away at the 14th minute. G.A.A. answered back quickly though, with a goal from defender Paul Grafas. The game remained tied until the 60th minute, when the Crasers Scott Palguta scored from a goalmouth scramble to put Cape Cod ahead for good. Crusaders goalkeeper David Mahoney kept the Greek Americans at bay early in the second half, and Cape Cod got two insurance goals from David Bulow and Keith Caldwell to put the game away.

Match Reports - Big Apple Soccer
Mike Mellis - GK     GK - David Mahoney
Ranford Champagne     Aaron Bonser
Mirsad Husenovic   90' Kurt Morsink
George Kaliontzakis 58'   Thulani Ncube
Christos Zisimatos     Scott Palgutta
Hemir Niebles   58' Eoin Lynch
Ilya Zlater 81'   David Roman
Fabian Brizuela     Anthony Petraca
Junior Motino 83'   Dayton O'Brian
Giovanni Savarese     John Krause
Paul Grafas 45' 77' David Bulow
Ernest Murduhkhayev 45' 58' Eden Cherry
Chris Vorigio 58' 70' Keith Caldwell
Jamie Arias 81' 90' John O'Rielly
Manolis Koundourakis 83'    
Mirsad Husenovic 21' 61' Scott Palgutta
    63' Kurt Morsink
Shots     Shots
Saves     Saves
Corner Kicks     Corner Kicks
Fouls     Fouls
Offside     Offside
Assistant Referees      
4th Official      
Attendance - 100      
First Round - June 2, 2004
Winslow High School - Transboro, New Jersey
South Jersey Barons 5 0 Allied SC
Ruben Mingo 2'    
Matt Maher 22'    
Byron Charmichael 24'    
Joe Banks 60'    
Byron Charmichael 62'    

     USASA Region I qualifier Allied SC from Baltimore posed no threat for the South Jersey Barons, losing 5-0 to the PDL side.  Ruben Mingo got it started quickly for the Barons, scoring in the 2nd minute, and South Jersey never looked back. The Barons took a 3-0 halftime lead, with Matt Maher and Byron Charmichael adding goals, and Charmichael added another in the win.

Pat Hannigan - GK 69' 74' Michael Srehla - GK
John Thompson   65' BJ Miller
Joe Banks     Steve Novak
Dave Daigle     Kevin Rhodes
Leon Brown     Darren Larieque
Brian Devlin     Billy Reinhardt
Tony Donatelli     Scott Zakeski
Justin Saddler   54' Todd Smith
Matt Maher 58' 56' Jim Wakefield
Byron Charmichael 69'   Pat Crawford
Ruben Mingo 61'   Tony Taminini
Ryan Heins 58' 54' John Jenkins
Darlington Agu 61' 56' Chris Chumsky
Ryan Carr - GK 69' 65' Eric Breach
Tom Gannon 69' 74' Mike Valcourt - GK
Tom Gannon 85' 16' BJ Miller
Shots 21 23 Shots
Saves 3 8 Saves
Corner Kicks 5 7 Corner Kicks
Fouls 25 24 Fouls
Offside 2 4 Offside
Referee     S. Hassan
Assistant Referees     A. Stout Sr.
    A. Stout Jr.
4th Official     N/A
Attendance - 65      
First Round - June 2, 2004
Chico State University - Chico, California
Chico Rooks 1 2 Boulder Rapids Reserves
Chris Wondolowski 69' 71' Kyle Brown
    74' Brett Branan

    With both teams sluggish from their league schedules, the Boulder Rapids Reserves pulled out a 2-1 win over the MPSL Chico Rooks. The tired nature of both squads was evident though much of the game, as neither team broke the 0-0 tie until late in the game. In the 70th minute, the Rooks Chris Wondolowski  scored after Rapids Reserve goalkeeper Sean Crowe slipped on a pass to Wondolowski, and the Rooks player managed to stay with the ball and slip it past the recovered Crowe and other Rapids defenders. Boulder quickly answered back, as Brett Branan scored off a deflected pass from Aaron King. Two minutes later Kyle Brown scored the game winner off of a corner kick. The Rooks nearly sent the match into extra time, as Wondolowski's shot from 15 yards out in stoppage time hit the right post and went out of play.

Dominic Jakubek - GK     Wythe Crowe - GK
Donnie Ribaudo     Josh Simpson
Jesse Grigg   77' Aaron King 
Brian Fredrick     Aaron Pitchkolan
Arturo Barragan 33'   Liam Girard
Calum Robertson     Scott Kinkaid
Chris Wondolowski     John Pulido
Todd Simmons     Kyle Brown
Dustin Tong   90' Todd Simmons
Enrique Tadeo 65'   Miguel Guante
Joao Macedo   77' Lance Snodgrass 
German Campos 33' 77' Alejandro Salazar
Jovan Batiste 65' 77' Heath Pearce
Jorge Fernandez 77' 90' Russell Girton
Chris Wondolowski n/a 11' Brett Branan
Dustin Tong n/a 76' Lance Snodgrass 
Jesse Grigg 48'    
Shots 21 23 Shots
Saves 3 8 Saves
Corner Kicks 5 7 Corner Kicks
Fouls 25 24 Fouls
Offside 2 4 Offside
Referee     S. Ravanear
Assistant Referees     J. Forward
    V. Cortez
4th Official     P. Fleitcher
Attendance - 1,000      
First Round - June 8, 2004
Cocoa Expo Sports Center - Cocoa, Florida
Cocoa Expos 3 2 Azzuri
Kris Glasser 32' 1' Ryan Kneipper
Fred Moojen 86' 72' Juan Sastoque
Fred Moojen 93'    
    The Cocoa Expos needed a last minute comeback, and a quick extra time goal to put away the Dallas based USASA club Azzuri 3-2. University of North Carolina standout Brian Kneipper scored in the very first minute of play to give Azzuri a 1-0 lead. Kris Glasser answered back for Cocoa in the 32nd minute to draw the game even. Former Dallas Burn player Juan Sastoque put Azzuri back on top with a goal in the 72nd minute, and it appeared the amateur squad would hold on for the win, but Fred Moojen had different plans. The Cocoa midfielder struck with 4 minutes left in regulation to tie the game at 2-2, and scored again three minutes into extra time to send the Expos into the second round.
Matt Balkanloo - GK     Tommy Tynes - GK
Drew Sypura     Michael Curtis
Derek Smith 55'   Brian Hooten
Dylan Lewis     Brian Hooten
Greg DeVito 46'   Miguel Pineda
Dave Atkinson 83'   Dominic Schell
Itayi Pondwa     Wilco Ravestijn
Kris Glasser     Ryan Kneipper
Fred Moojen   46' Kellan Zindel 
Tony Amato     Matthew Clark
Jordie Hughes   80' Juan Sastoque
Rashawn Lamar 46' 46' Jake Downs
Matt Myers 55' 80' Patrick Garcia
Gavin Christie 83'    
Drew Sypura 37' 23' Miguel Pineda
Derek Smith 44' 83' Wilco Ravestijn
Fred Moojen 55' 84' Tommy Tynes
    87' Miguel Pineda
Shots 15 15 Shots
Saves 10 8 Saves
Corner Kicks 6 7 Corner Kicks
Fouls 8 8 Fouls
Offside 4 1 Offside
Referee     Kermit Quisenberry
Assistant Referees     Sean Hurg
    Martin Bel
4th Official     n/a
Attendance - 27      
First Round - June 2, 2004
MacPherson Stadium - Browns Summit, North Carolina
Carolina Dynamo 5 1 Bavarian SC
Mike Farrell 57' 26' Tyler Hawley
Mike Farrell 64'    
Marcus Storey 83'    
Stephen Rhyne 90'    
Jeffery Lochrie 90'+    

   The Cinderella darlings of last years Open Cup, Bavarian SC, didn't last quite as long this time around, falling 5-1 to the Carolina Dynamo at Browns Summit, NC. The Bavarians opened the scoring with a Tyler Hawley strike at the 26th minute, and held on to the lead up to halftime, despite Carolina hitting the post a couple times. Midway through the second half though, the Dynamo turned it on, as Mike Farrell scored twice to put the home side in the lead for good. Teammates Marcus Storey, Stephen Rhyne and Jeffery Lochrie made it a rout with goals in the final 7 minutes of the game.

Brian Edwards - GK     Matt Schmidt - GK
Reggie Koranteng     Craig Posselt
Tim Merritt     Scott Dombrowski
Michael Farrell     Giovanni Luna
Osei Telesford     Patrick White
Justin Moose 86'   Scott Kreitmeir
Amir Lowery   74' Kyle Lance
Jamal Shteiwi 70' 89' Ryan Seymour
Ray Fumo 86'   Brian Doherty
Marcus Storey     Dan Stebbins
Scott Jones 72' 52' Tyler Hawley
Jeffery Lochrie 70' 52' Ryan Sallis
Stephen Rhyne 72' 74' Joseph Klein
Preston Davis 86' 89' Joaquin Santos
Joseph Lazorchick 86'    
Amir Lowery 70' 80' Scott Dombrowski
Shots 13 5 Shots
Saves 4 3 Saves
Corner Kicks 6 4 Corner Kicks
Fouls 12 18 Fouls
Offside 3 4 Offside
Referee     K. Goodrich
Assistant Referees     K. Oberle
    M. Kadlecik
4th Official     D. Burak
Attendance - 300      
First Round - June 2, 2004
Redmond Stadium - Bensenville, Illinois
Chicago Fire Reserves 5 1 S.A.C. Wisla
Chris Rolfe 45' 68' Marcin Okarmus
Julian Nash 46'    
Cameron Knowles 48'    
Jim Klatter 78'    
Julian Nash 85'    

     Chicago USASA side SAC Wisla gave the Fire Reserves a fight until the Reserves pulled away late in the game for a 5-1 win. The scoring didn't open until stoppage time in the first half, as Chris Rolfe took a through ball from Julian Nash and one-times it past Wisla goalkeeper Tomasz Glen. Nash returned in first minute of the second half with a goal of his own, scoring off a goalmouth scramble to make it 2-0. Two minutes later, it was 3-0, s Cameron Knowles scored off a header from Drew Moor. Twenty minutes later though, Wisla did something no PDL team had dome at the time, scoring a goal against the Reserves. Marcin Okamus put one past Reverves GK Brad Guzan, snapping Guzans 6 game shutout streak. The Reserves put the game away shortly after that though, scoring two more goals on strikes from Jim Clatter and a second from Juliain Nash.

Brad Guzan - GK     Tomaz Glen - GK
Brandon moss     Darek Popiela
Dasan Robinson     Lukasz Zukowski
Cameron Knowles     Lukasz Bortnick
Dan O'Rourke 74' 65' Piotr Stopa
Drew Moore 85' 65' Tomasz Wroton
Luke Kreamalmeyer   77' Sylvester Marek
Jim Klatter 87'   Jared Luchusz
Chris Rolfe 68'   Tomasz Mtuszewski
Julian Nash     Marek Serefin
Thabiso Khymalo     Artur Ciepiela
Patrick Grange 68' 65' Marcin Okarmus
Nick Pollard 74' 65' Aleksander Gresik
John Mariscalco 85' 77' Tomasz Marek
Jason Acres 86'    
Drew Moore 31' 26' Tomasz Wroton
Dan O'Rourke 45' 34' Lukasz Zukowski
    66' Aleksander Gresik
    85' Sylvester Marek
Shots 16 5 Shots
Saves 3 6 Saves
Corner Kicks 7 2 Corner Kicks
Fouls 20 22 Fouls
Offside 1 0 Offside
Referee     Pavel Wayles
Assistant Referees     Tony Vasoli
    Khaled Al Fayayeh
4th Official     Peter Balciounas
Attendance - 300      
First Round - June 2, 2004
Joe Albi Stadium - Spokane, Washington
Spokane Shadow 1 2 Sacramento Knights
Troy Ready 29' 60' Chris McDonald
    91'p Jeremy Field

   The Sacramento Knights secured the lone 2nd round spot for the USASA, with a 2-1 extra time win over the Spokane Shadow on a questionable penalty. Spokane grabbed a 1-0 lead on a goal from Troy Ready in the first half, and held on until Sacramento drew even on Chris McDonald's header strike from Anthony Chinienti's free kick in the 60th minute. Despite Spokane putting pressure on the Knights defense, the MPSL club held on to keep the game 1-1 at the end of regulation. A few minutes before regulation ended though, Chris McDonald was sent off after receiving his second caution of the match, depriving the Knights of their best player for the overtime period. The extra session didn't last long, as Anthony Chimienti was fouled on the edge of the penalty area, chasing a ball some say was headed over the touch line and unplayable. After protests from the Shadow players, Jeremy Field slotted home the penalty just inside the left goalpost to give the Knights the 2-1 victory.

Kris Wright (GK)     Nic Platter (GK)
Ben Sawyer     Eliseo Lopez
Kieran Barton     Jason Martin
Rob Anderson     Jeremy Field
Matt Stueckle     Jorge Lama
Evan Cummings 68 45' Art Temblador
John Pallidino     Chris McDonald
Tim Seely   45' Andrew Liddel
Troy Ready     Levi Henson
Garth Cummings     Anthony Chinienti
Brett Hite     Scott Lucky
 Mike Herzog 68 45' Ricky Rodriguez
    45' Patrick Nelle
Rob Anderson 44' 22' Chris McDonald
Brett Hite n/a 37' Anthony Chinienti
    39' Eliseo Lopez
    87' Ricky Rodriguez
    89' Chris McDonald
    89' Chris McDonald
Shots 13 6 Shots
Saves 1 8 Saves
Corner Kicks 4 2 Corner Kicks
Fouls 17 16 Fouls
Offside 4 2 Offside
Referee     D. Simon
Assistant Referees     J. Pands
    T. Barbery
4th Official     G. Trimble
Attendance - 1,000      
First Round - June 8, 2004
Pennington Field - Bedford, Texas
DFW Tornados 3 1 Legends FC
Mark Rowland 52' 90' Matt Whiteley
Lourenzo Andrande de Souza 68'    
Ryszard Gorski 90'p    

     Dallas area amateur side Legends FC held own for over 50 minutes, but eventually the DFW Tornados prevailed 3-1 in a match more noteworthy for an incident on the Tornados bench. In the 52nd minute, Tornados forwards Mark Rowland took a pass from Lourenzo Andrade and put it in the upper corner of the goal for a 1-0 lead. Andrade scored himself 16 minutes later to make it 2-0. Matt Whiteley put Legends FC back into the game with a 90th minute goal, but soon after the match was indeed out away when Tornados goalkeeper Ryszard Gorski converted on a penalty in stoppage time.  The main news of the match was on the sidelines though, as Andrade attacked teammate Jamie Watson on the bench after being substituted out. Andrade had been cursing Watson during the game, and when both players were subbed out, more words were exchanges, and Andrade pushed Watson in the face and took a swing at him, resulting in a red card for Andrade. 3rd Degree reporter Buzz Carrick says Andrade and Watson had been at each other since Watson joined the team, and that Andrade, the leading goalscorer for DFW, has since been released by the club.

Ryszard Gorski - GK     Thomas Tomasso - GK
Clayton King     Steven Scholze
Trent Abbott   76' Ugo Ihemelu
Joard Odera 86'   Aaron Nicholson
Ron Plute     David Chun
Robert Hammett     Ryan Wileman
Dwayne Bergeron   76' Matt Williams
Vassar Cates     Jake Joy
Jamie Watson   65' Jarrod Blake
Lourenzo Andrande de Souza 79'   Patrick Shamu
Mark Rowland 79' 31' Carl Bussey
Tarik Guendoozi 79' 31' Lance Hill
 Jared Chandler 79' 65' Chase Wileman
Leone Cruz 86' 76' Spencer Wadsworth
    76' Matt Whiteley
n/a     n/a
Shots 8 4 Shots
Saves 3 5 Saves
Corner Kicks 5 1 Corner Kicks
Fouls 11 6 Fouls
Offside     Offside
Referee     Adam Garner
Assistant Referees     Tryo Travis
    Ibrahim Nagim
4th Official     Gary Owen
Attendence - n/a